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Genesis. 2001 Jan;29(1):22-35.

Molecular structure, dynamic expression, and promoter analysis of zebrafish (Danio rerio) myf-5 gene.

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Institute of Fisheries Science, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China.


We isolated a 1,438 bp cDNA fragment that encoded Myf-5 myogenic factor of zebrafish. The deduced amino acid contained 237 residues, including the basic helix-loop-helix domain that is conserved in all known Myf-5. The zebrafish myf-5 transcripts were first detectable at 7.5 hpf, increased substantially until 16 hpf, and then declined gradually to an undetectable level by 26 hpf. During somitogenesis, zebrafish myf-5 transcripts were distributed mainly in the somites and segmental plates. Prominent signals occurred transiently in adaxial cells in two parallel rows but did not extend beyond the positive-signal somites. Various lengths of upstream region of zebrafish myf-5 fused with EGFP gene were used to carry out transgenic analysis. Results showed that a small, 82 bp (nucleotide positions from -82 to -1), regulatory cassette is sufficient to control the somite- and stage-specific expression of zebrafish myf-5 during early development.

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