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J Clin Pharm Ther. 2000 Dec;25(6):461-6.

Hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal asthmatic women.

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Department of Pathophysiology and Endocrinology, Silesian Medical University, Katowice, Poland.



Assessment of mean 24 h oestradiol (E2) and oestrone (E1) concentration and basic FSH secretion in postmenopausal asthmatic women, before and after HRT use, and to identify any connections between changes in hormone concentrations and patients' clinical state.


Postmenopausal women (55 asthmatic and 20 healthy, aged 48-60 years).


Serum hormone concentration was assessed by radioimmunoassay before HRT and after 6 months of transdermal 17beta-E2 and medroxyprogesterone acetate treatment (cyclical method). Intensification of menopausal symptoms was assessed by Kupperman's index.


Secretion of oestrogens was lower in postmenopausal women asthmatic women than in postmenopausal healthy women. HRT caused an increase in oestrogen concentration. The 24-h fluctuations of E1 and E2 in all studied groups before and after HRT did not differ significantly. A statistically significant decrease in the number of menopausal symptoms was found during the course of HRT. During the period of HRT, there was a reduction in the number of patients in whom it was necessary to use oral glucocorticoid therapy during exacerbation of asthma.


A greater reduction in oestrogen secretion was found in postmenopausal asthmatic women than in postmenopausal healthy women. HRT resulted in normalization of serum oestrogen concentration in asthmatic women and diminishing psychosomatic symptoms of the menopause and symptoms of asthma.

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