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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2000 Dec 20;279(2):700-7.

TT virus mRNAs detected in the bone marrow cells from an infected individual.

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Immunology Division, Jichi Medical School, Minamikawachi-Machi, Tochigi-Ken, 329-0498, Japan.


Although replicative forms of TT virus (TTV) DNA have been found in the liver and bone marrow cells, mRNAs of TTV have not yet been detected in these tissues. The entire nucleotide sequence of a TTV clone [TYM9 (3759 bases)] isolated from a patient with high TTV viremia (10(6) copies/ml) was determined, and the poly(A)(+) RNAs from bone marrow cells were subjected to reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction with primers specific for the TYM9 sequence. Sequence analysis of the amplified products revealed the presence of three distinct species of spliced TTV mRNAs [2.9, 1.2, and 1.0 kilobases (kb)] with common 5' and 3' termini as well as splicing to bind nucleotide (nt) 181 to nt 283. The shorter mRNAs of 1.2 kb and 1.0 kb possessed another splicing to join nt 681 with nt 2341 or nt 2579. The transcription profile of TTV found in an infected human corroborates that observed in vitro.

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