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Proteins. 2001 Jan 1;42(1):66-76.

beta-fructosidase superfamily: homology with some alpha-L-arabinases and beta-D-xylosidases.

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State Institute for Genetics and Selection of Industrial Microorganisms, Moscow, Russia.


Comparison of the amino acid sequences of four families of glycosyl hydrolases reveals that they are homologous and have several common conserved regions. Two of these families contain beta-fructosidases (glycosyl hydrolase families GH32 and GH68) and the other two include alpha-L-arabinases and beta-xylosidases (families GH43 and GH62). The latter two families are proposed to be grouped together with the former two into the beta-fructosidase (furanosidase) superfamily. Several ORFs can be considered as a fifth family of the superfamily on the basis of sequence similarity. It is shown for the first time that a glycosyl hydrolase superfamily can include enzymes with both inversion and retention mechanism of action. Composition of the active center for enzymes of the superfamily is discussed.

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