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FEBS Lett. 2000 Nov 10;484(3):179-83.

Endocytosis of FcgammaRI is regulated by two distinct signalling pathways.

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Department of Biochemistry, University of Leicester, UK.


Aggregation by immune complexes of receptors specific for the Fc region of IgG results in their internalisation and disposal by trafficking to lysosomes. We show here that internalisation of FcgammaRI by IFN-gamma treated U937 cells following receptor aggregation by cross-linking antibodies requires the activation of two distinct signalling pathways. The pathways were functionally dissected in streptolysin-O-permeabilised cells by capitalising on their relative dependence on active GTP binding proteins. One pathway required the presence of GTP-gammaS or active betagamma subunits, the other did not. Use of inhibitors revealed that the betagamma-independent pathway required activation of PI 3-kinases and was PKC-independent In contrast, the betagamma-dependent pathway involved activation of phospholipase C-beta and PKC, but was PI 3-kinase-independent. Both these pathways were found to be active in intact cells and are likely to determine receptor trafficking following internalisation.

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