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Gene. 2000 Oct 17;257(1):119-30.

Sequencing and expression analysis of the serine protease gene cluster located in chromosome 19q13 region.

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Chiroscience R and D Inc. 1631 220th St. SE. Bothell, WA 98021, USA.


The human kallikrein gene cluster, located in the chromosome band 19q13, contains several tissue-specific serine protease genes including the prostate-specific KLK2, KLK3 and prostase genes. To further characterize the gene cluster, we have mapped, sequenced, and analyzed the genomic sequence from the region. The results of EST database searches and GENSCAN gene prediction analysis reveal 13 serine protease genes and several pseudogenes in the region. Expression analysis by RT-PCR indicates that most of these protease genes are expressed only in a subset of the 35 different normal tissues that have been examined. Several protease genes expressed in skin show higher expression levels in psoriatic lesion samples than in non-lesional skin samples from the same patient. This suggests that the imbalance of a complex protease cascade in skin may contribute to the pathology of disease. The proteases, excluding the kallikrein genes, share approximately 40% of their sequences suggesting that the serine protease gene cluster on chromosome 19q13 arose from ancient gene duplications.

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