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Am J Dermatopathol. 2000 Oct;22(5):391-6.

Atypical histologic features in melanocytic nevi.

Author information

Dermatopathology Section, SM Annunziata Hospital, Florence, Italy.


The atypical histologic features considered to be specific to dysplastic (atypical) nevi have been reported to occur in nevi that are common nevi by all other clinical and histologic features. The distribution and mutual relations among such features in nevi need to be further studied. Six histologic features (dimension > 5 mm, lentiginous proliferation, disordered nested pattern, melanocytic dyskaryosis, dermal lymphocytic infiltrate, suprabasal melanocytes) were analyzed in 253 melanocytic nevi with different clinical appearances. Atypical histologic features, found in 72% of nevi, occurred singly or formed numerous and highly variable combinations. Nevi formed a complex histologic spectrum comprising lesions showing a progressively increasing incidence of atypical features rather than two classes (common and dysplastic nevi). To divide the investigated lesions in objectively defined groups, we used a scoring system. In each nevus, a numeric value of 1 was assigned when each of the studied parameters was present and a value of 0 was assigned when each of these parameters was absent; on the basis of the final scores, nevi were divided in six different classes (classes 0-5). Diagnostic categories such as dysplastic nevi and common nevi seem to be inappropriate, as they do not reflect the real histologic complexity of such lesions.

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