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Breast Cancer. 2000;7(3):221-30.

Cytokines facilitate chemotactic motility of breast carcinoma cells.

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Department of Pathology, Kure National Hospital/Chugoku District Cancer Center, 3-1 Aoyama-cho, Kure, Hiroshima 737-0023, Japan.



Both growth and motility of various tumor cells have been shown to be influenced by surrounding cells such as lymphocytes, histiocytes and fibroblasts through various cytokines, growth factors and extracellular matrices. The role of cytokines and extracellular matrices produced by lymphocytes, histiocytes and fibroblasts on migration and invasion of breast carcinoma cells has not been fully investigated


We investigated the effect of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), interleukin (IL)-6, IL-8, IL-11, soluble type IV collagen and soluble laminin on the migration of 3 human breast carcinoma cell lines, MDA-MB-231, MCF-7 and T-47D, using a cell culture insert and a biocoat matrigel invasion chamber to assess migration across a matrigel-coated polyethylene telephtalate membrane.


HGF, IL-6, IL-11 and IL-8 induced significant migration of MDA-MB-231 cells depending on the dose of each cytokine. However, type IV collagen and laminin inhibited migration of MDA-MB-231 cells. In contrast, IL-8 inhibited migration of MCF-7 cells and IL-6 induced significant migration of T-47D cells, while no other cytokine or extracellular matrix induced significant migration of MCF-7 and T-47D cells. Only HGF induced significant invasion of MDA-MB-231 cells depending on the dose. MCF-7 and T-47D cells did not invade in response to any of the cytokines and extracellular matrices tested.


These results suggest the possibility that the potency of chemotaxis or chemoinvasion differs according to the breast carcinoma cell line and that various cytokines and extracellular matrices secreted by lymphocytes, histiocytes and fibroblasts in the stroma of breast carcinoma can affect the invasion of breast carcinoma cells.

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