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Microb Comp Genomics. 1998;3(1):21-9.

On the presence and organization of open reading frames of the nonmotile pathogen Brucella abortus similar to class II, III, and IV flagellar genes and to LcrD virulence superfamily.

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United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Animal Disease Center, Zoonotic Diseases Research Unit, Ames, Iowa, USA.


Brucellae are pathogenic, nonmotile bacteria that are facultative intracellular parasites. Little is known about the genetics of these bacteria. Open reading frames from Brucella abortus with similarity to the flagellin, M-ring, and hook of related bacteria were discovered. The open reading frames encode proteins of three of the four flagellum gene classes, namely II, III, and IV. A homolog of the LcrD virulence superfamily was also found. This superfamily is involved in type III protein secretion. B. abortus has the potential for motility and type III secretion.

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