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Med Phys. 2000 Sep;27(9):2048-59.

Evaluation of an algorithm for the assessment of the MTF using an edge method.

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Department of Medical Physics, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia.


An algorithm to calculate the presampling modulation transfer function (MTF) of an imaging system from an angled edge image has its own inherent transfer function. Factors such as the angle of the sampling aperture to the edge, registration of edge function profiles using the determined edge angle, differentiation, smoothing, and folding all combine to produce the frequency response of the algorithm. In this work, the profile registration transfer function accounting for an error in the determined edge angle has been derived. This has been incorporated with other, previously reported, algorithm component transfer functions to fully characterize the MTF calculation algorithm. When registering profiles, small errors in the edge angle determination were found to result in large errors in the MTF, as the misalignment errors increase with the number of profiles. For example, registering 50 profiles a 0.07 degree error in a 7 degree edge angle (1% error) produces a 36% error in the MTF at the system cutoff frequency f=f(c) when profiles are oversampled at a frequency f(s)=8f(c)(f(c) is defined as the maximum frequency reproducible without aliasing when sampling at the limiting system Nyquist frequency f(s) = 2f(c)). These results highlight the importance of quantifying the transfer function of the algorithm used to determine an imaging system modulation transfer function. The MTF calculation algorithm and the transfer function analysis have been incorporated into a Windows-based software program to be made available for general use.

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