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Biochim Biophys Acta. 2000 Jul 14;1480(1-2):374-6.

Crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic analysis of NADPH: azodicarbonyl/quinone oxidoreductase, a plant zeta-crystallin.

Author information

The Research Institute for Food Science, Kyoto University, Japan.


Arabidopsis thaliana P1 protein was crystallized using the hanging drop vapor-diffusion method in 0.1 M piperazine-1, 4-bis(2-ethanesulfonic acid) buffer, containing 14% polyethylene glycol 6000 and 0.2 M magnesium acetate at pH 6.5 and 20 degrees C. The crystals are orthorhombic and belong to the space group P2(1)2(1)2(1) with unit cell dimensions of a=49.8, b=122.4 and c=149. 9 A. The diffraction data up to 2.9 A were collected by a multiwire area detector.

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