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Percept Psychophys. 2000 Jul;62(5):953-9.

Long-term retinotopic priming in object identification.

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University of California, Los Angeles 90095, USA.


An important result in perception research is that priming in an object naming task is invariant with translation and left-right reflection. A more sensitive object recognition paradigm was used in three experiments in order to investigate the extent to which priming of object identification is affected by changes in left-right orientation and position. In a prime phase, participants viewed consecutively presented object images. In a subsequent probe phase, participants identified familiar objects in rapid visual streams of nonobject distractors. In Experiment 1, images previously viewed in the same left-right orientation were primed more than images previously viewed in the opposite orientation (i.e., a left-right reflection). This reflection-sensitive priming was replicated in Experiment 2 using a brief (300-msec) prime exposure. In Experiment 3, when the retinal locations of prime and probe images matched, reflection-sensitive priming was also obtained, but when the retinal locations of prime and probe images differed, no reflection-sensitive priming was observed. These results suggest that a single prime exposure can produce long-term priming that is sensitive to left-right reflection, but that this priming is specific to a retinal location.

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