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Biochemistry. 2000 Sep 19;39(37):11270-81.

Thermodynamics-structure relationship of single mismatches in RNA/DNA duplexes.

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Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, and High Technology Research Center, Konan University, 8-9-1 Okamoto, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-8501, Japan.


Thermodynamics of 66 RNA/DNA duplexes containing single mismatches were measured by UV melting methods. Stability enhancements for rG. dT mismatches were the largest of all mismatches examined here, while rU.dG mismatches were not as stable. The methyl group on C5 of thymine enhanced the stability by 0.12 approximately 0.53 kcal mol(-)(1) depending on the identity of adjacent Watson-Crick base pairs, whereas the 2'-hydroxyl group in ribouridine stabilized the duplex by approximately 0.6 kcal mol(-)(1) regardless of the adjacent base pairs. Stabilities induced by the methyl group in thymine, the 2'-hydroxyl group of ribouridine, and an nucleotide exchange at rG.dT and rU.dG mismatches were found to be independent of each other. The order for the mismatch stabilities is rG.dT >> rU. dG approximately rG.dG > rA.dG approximately rG.dA approximately rA. dC > rA.dA approximately rU.dT approximately rU.dC > rC.dA approximately rC.dT, although the identity of the adjacent base pairs slightly altered the order. The pH dependence stability and structural changes were suggested for the rA.dG but not for rG.dA mismatches. Comparisons of trinucleotide stabilities for G.T and G.U pairs in RNA, DNA, and RNA/DNA duplexes indicate that stable RNA/DNA mismatches exhibit a stability similar to RNA mismatches while unstable RNA/DNA mismatches show a stability similar to that of DNA mismatches. These results would be useful for the design of antisense oligonucleotides.

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