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AIDS. 2000 Jul 28;14(11):1515-22.

Therapeutic immunization of HIV-infected chimpanzees using HIV-1 plasmid antigens and interleukin-12 expressing plasmids.

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Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA.



To assess HIV-1 DNA vaccination and co-immunization with interleukin (IL)-12 and IL-10 as immunotherapy in the HIV-1 infected chimpanzee model system.


Four chimpanzees that were infected with HIV-1-IIIB for longer than 4 years and remained symptom free were immunized with HIV-1 plasmid vaccines. Two chimpanzees were immunized with DNA plasmids that encoded env/rev, gag/pol along with a plasmid that encoded both chains of human IL-12. A third animal was immunized with HIV-1 DNA vaccine constructs and co-immunized with an IL-10 expressing plasmid. Finally a control animal received the HIV-1 DNA vaccine constructs alone.


There was no evidence of systemic toxicity associated with the administration of the DNA vaccines or the cytokine-expressing plasmids. We observed that the IL-12/HIV-1 DNA vaccinated animals had enhanced proliferative responses to multiple HIV-1 antigens at multiple time points. The animal that was co-immunized with HIV-1 and IL-10 did not have any changes in the proliferative responses. Finally, the control chimpanzee demonstrated moderate increases in the proliferative responses to HIV-1 antigens. The animal that received HIV-1 vaccines alone and the animals co-immunized with IL-12 all had declines in viral load over the course of the study, however, the decrease in viral loads were transient in all animals.


Immunization of HIV-1 infected chimpanzees with DNA based vaccines containing the env, gag and pol genes can transiently boost the env specific proliferative responses. Co-administration of IL-12 expressing plasmids further leads to transient boosting of the proliferative response to the core protein, p24 as well. However, at these doses the impact on viral load is minimal.

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