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Int J Clin Pharmacol Biopharm. 1975 Apr;11(3):210-5.

Double-blind study of a total liver extract in patients with hepatic dysfunction.


Forty hospitalized male patients with hepatic functional deficit were treated i.m. for 3 weeks with a total liver extract or placebo. The study was a double-blind. Statistical analysis (Student's t test, analysis of variance. Mann-Whitney test and Fisher's probability test) showed that liver extract therapy was more effective than placebo in improving liver function as indicated by changes in clinical features(digestive disorders, constipation, hepatomegaly) and colloidal and other laboratory tests, e.g. plasma cholesterol, prothrombin time, red cell count and hemoglobin concentration. An overall clinical assessment showed that 60% of patients treated with the liver extract were improved. In addition, no local or general side effects were observed. Present results are in favour of an hepatoprotective activity of a total liver extract.

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