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Arch Sex Behav. 2000 Aug;29(4):375-88.

Attitudes toward transsexualism in a Swedish national survey.

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Section of Psychiatry, Göteborg University, Sweden.


A general inventory of the views on sex reassignment and attitudes toward transsexuals in Sweden was attempted. Whether the view on these matters differ between people embracing biological theories in explanation of transsexualism and those embracing psychological theories was tested. Third, whether men and the older age groups hold a different view on transsexualism than women and younger age groups was investigated. For these purposes, in October-December 1998, a questionnaire was mailed to a randomly selected national sample of 992 Swedish residents; 668 persons returned the questionnaire, giving a 67% response rate. Results showed that a majority supports the possibility for transsexuals to undergo sex reassignment; however, 63% thought that the individual should bear the expenses for it. In addition, a majority supported transsexuals' right to get married in their new sex and their right to work with children. Transsexuals' right to adopt and raise children was supported by 43%, whereas 41% were opposed. Results indicated that those who believed that transsexualism is caused by biological factors had a less restrictive view on transsexualism than people who held a psychological view. Men and the older age group were found to hold a more restrictive view on these issues than women and the younger age group. Future studies should address these questions to elucidate differences between cultures and the process of change in attitudes over time.

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