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J Comp Neurol. 1975 Feb 15;159(4):503-20.

Horizontal cell axons and axon terminals in goldfish retina.


Retinas of ordinary and black moor varieties of goldfish (Carassius auratus) were prepared by the Golgi method, mounted flat or sectioned vertically, and studied in the light microscope. Three types of horizontal cells whose dendrites contact only cones, and one type whose dendrites contact only rods, were observed. The cone horizontal cells (Cajal's "external horizontal cells") all have slender axons which descend gradually to the inner nuclear layer and terminate there in long, fusiform expansions (Cajal's "internal horizontal cells"). The thin and thick portions of the axons, as well as the perikarya of the horizontal cells, bear small numbers of straight, horizontally-directed, knobby filamentous appendages which may be sites of synaptic contact. The cone horizontal cell axons in goldfish, unlike those in higher vertebrates, do not terminate in contact with synaptic endings of photoreceptor cells, but in proximity to cells and processes deep in the inner nuclear layer. Axons have not yet been demonstrated on rod horizontal cells in goldfish.

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