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Mech Dev. 2000 Jul;95(1-2):297-300.

Pair-rule genes cooperate to activate en stripe 15 and refine its margins during germ band elongation in the D. melanogaster embryo.

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Department of Biology, University of Central Florida, 4000 Central Florida Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32816, USA.


Patterns of gene expression have been well documented during embryogenesis for the Drosophila melanogaster trunk segments. The same is not the case for the terminal segments. Here, gene expression patterns are followed during embryogenesis in the caudal segments (A8-A10 and the anal plate), with special attention paid to the novel regulation of engrailed (en). Chosen for this study are the pair-rule genes even-skipped (eve), fushi tarazu (ftz), runt (run), hairy (h), paired (prd) and odd-skipped (odd), and the segment polarity gene (en). The results demonstrate a progressive and coupled translocation of gene expression distally for all genes studied, suggesting that the most posterior segments are determined later than trunk segments.

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