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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2000 Jul 21;274(1):93-8.

Characterization of the beta-dystroglycan-growth factor receptor 2 (Grb2) interaction.

Author information

Laboratorio di Biologia Cellulare, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, V. le Regina Elena 299, Rome, 00161, Italy.


The beta-dystroglycan/Grb2 interaction was investigated and a proline-rich region within beta-dystroglycan that binds Grb2-src homology 3 domains identified. We used surface plasmon resonance (SPR), fluorescence analysis, and solid-phase binding assay to measure the affinity constants between Grb2 and the beta-dystroglycan cytoplasmic tail. Analysis of the data obtained from SPR reveals a high-affinity interaction (K(D) approximately 240 nM) between Grb2 and the last 20 amino acids of the beta-dystroglycan carboxyl-terminus, which also contains a dystrophin-binding site. A similar K(D) value (K(D) approximately 280 nM) was obtained by solid-phase binding assay and in solution by fluorescence. Both Grb2-SH3 domains bind beta-dystroglycan but the N-terminal SH3 domain binds with an affinity approximately fourfold higher than that of the C-terminal SH3 domain. The Grb2-beta-dystroglycan interaction was inhibited by dystrophin in a range of concentration of 160-400 nM. These data suggest a highly regulated and dynamic dystrophin/dystroglycan complex formation and that this complex is involved in cell signaling.

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