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J Am Mosq Control Assoc. 2000 Jun;16(2):153-7.

Laboratory evaluations of methylated soy oil and monoterpenes as mosquito larvicides.

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Medical Entomology Program, Illinois Natural History Survey, Champaign 61820, USA.


The larvicidal toxicities of methylated soy oil (MSO) and surfactant combinations were compared to 2 commercially available oil larvicides (Golden Bear Oil 1111 and Bonide) in standard laboratory bioassays of 4th-stage larvae of Culex pipiens Linn. The dose lethal to 50% of the test organisms (LD50) and the dose lethal to 95% of the test organisms (LD95) values are presented as microliters (microl) per beaker (treatment surface area of 54 cm2). The 2 surfactant-MSO mixtures differed significantly in their toxicity to Cx. pipiens larvae; 2% Pyroter CPI-40 in MSO was more toxic than 2% Pluronic L121 in MSO (LD50 = 3.8 microl per 54 cm2 and 11.3 microl per 54 cm2, respectively). The 2 most active larvicides were Golden Bear Oil (LD50 = 3.6 microl per 54 cm2) and the 2% Pyroter-MSO mixture. These 2 were not significantly different from each other. Bonide (LD50 = 6.2 microl per 54 cm2) and the Pluronic L121-MSO mixture (LD50 = 11.3 microl per 54 cm2) were less toxic than Golden Bear Oil and the MSO-Pryroter mixture and they were significantly different from each other. Bioassays with 4th-stage larvae of Anopheles stephensi Liston showed that toxicity of the Pyroter-MSO formulations increased about 2-fold from 18 degrees C to 24 degrees C (LD50 = 20.5 microl per 54 cm2 and 11.8 microl per 54 cm2, respectively). The laboratory bioassays suggest that MSO mixed with surfactants are potential mosquito larvicides. We also evaluated the influence of the 2 surfactants on the toxicity of 3 monoterpenes. The larvicidal activity of citral and limonene increased with the addition of surfactants, but neither surfactant enhanced the toxicity of cineole. All 3 monoterpenes, with and without surfactants, were considered poor candidates as surface larvicides because of their high volatilities.

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