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J Prosthet Dent. 2000 Jul;84(1):32-7.

Effect of ring liner and casting ring temperature on the dimension of cast posts.

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University of Rochester Eastman Dental Center, Rochester, N.Y., USA.



If a post does not fit passively, binding with the radicular tooth structure occurs, possibly increasing the risk for root fracture. Therefore, it is necessary to fabricate slightly undersized cast posts to allow for passive fit and cement placement. Shrinkage of the mold cavity may be a desired effect during the casting of posts.


This study evaluated the influence of: (1) a cellulose ring liner, and (2) a lower casting temperature of the metal ring, on the dimensions of a cast post.


Eighty plastic posts were divided in 4 equal groups (group 1, 815 degrees C, liner; group 2, 815 degrees C, no liner; group 3, 600 degrees C, liner; and group 4, 600 degrees C, no liner), invested in phosphate-bonded investment and cast with a noble alloy. Posts were measured at 2 locations, the tip and base, before and after casting.


Investing in a lined metal ring and using a casting ring temperature of 815 degrees C (group 1) resulted in markedly oversized posts (tip: +25.8 microm; base: +20.3 microm). The absence of the cellulose liner in the casting ring (group 2) decreased the expansion of the investment producing slightly oversized castings (tip: +9.75 microm; base: +4.52 microm). Lined rings that were heated to a final temperature of 600 degrees C (group 3) produced posts that were oversized (tip: +16.65 microm; base: +11.05 microm). Final casting ring temperature of 600 degrees C and the absence of a cellulose liner (group 4) resulted in posts slightly undersized (tip: -4.1 microm; base: -2.2 microm).


The use of 2 casting ring temperatures (815 degrees C or 600 degrees C) and the influence of a ring liner were investigated. Decreasing the casting ring temperature from 815 degrees C to 600 degrees C and the absence of a ring liner significantly decreased the dimensions of a cast post.

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