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Biomol Eng. 2000 Jun;16(6):211-5.

Tissue-/stage-dependent expression of a cloned Bombyx mandarina QM homologue.

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National Sericulture and Entomology Research Institute, Rural Development Administration, Suwon, South Korea.


QM, a novel gene that was firstly isolated as a putative tumor suppressor gene from Wilms' tumor cell line. Although it is well known that the QM gene product plays an important role within the tumor cells, the precise role of QM in the non-tumor cells has remained elusive. With in this mind we isolated a cDNA encoding QM homologue from Bombyx mandarina to understand the function of QM. The 596 bp cDNA has an open reading frame of 219 amino acids and a predicted mol. wt. of 25 kDa. The protein has more than 88% amino acid sequence identity to the QM protein from Drosophila melanogaster. mRNA expression gradually increased from 1-2 days after egg laying to 2 days of finial instar, while very low expressions were detected for either the pupae and the moth stages. The organs, posterior/middle division of silkgland, midgut, fat body and malpighian tubes, also show relatively high mRNA expression levels, respectively. The high degree of conservation and expression of the B. mandarina QM homologous suggest that it has a selectively conserved amino acid sequence due, presumably, to an important biological role which is associated with pupae formation.

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