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Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek. 1976;42(4):483-92.

Energetic aspects of the metabolism of reduced sulphur compounds in Thiobacillus dentrificans.


Yields of Thiobacillus dentrificans on different substrates were compared. The organism was grown in a chemostat at a dilution rate of 0.03 h-1. From the difference in the cell yields with (1) oxygen (6.40 g carbon per mole thiosulphate) and (2) nitrate (4.51 g carbon per mole thiosulphate) as an electron acceptor the experimental value for Y ATP was estimated to be 1.75. The efficiency of the biosynthetic system would be 42% if 1 ATP should be needed in reversed electron transport, and 57% if this was 2 ATP per electron pair. It could be calculated that during anaerobic oxidation of thiosulphate with nitrate 1.41 or 1.16 ATP per 2 electrons are generated if 1 or 2 ATP respectively per thiosulphate is formed in substrate-level phosphorylation. For aerobic oxidation these figures are 2.40 and 2.16, respectively.

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