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Plasmid. 2000 Jul;44(1):66-84.

IS1294, a DNA element that transposes by RC transposition.

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Laboratoire de Microbiologie et de Génétique, UPRES A 7010-CNRS, 28, rue Goethe, Strasbourg Cedex, 67083, France.


IS1294, found on the ColD-like resistance plasmid pUB2380, is IS91-like. It is an active 1.7-kb insertion sequence that lacks terminal inverted repeats, displays insertion-site specificity, and does not generate direct repeats of the target site. The element has one large open reading frame, tnp(1294), encoding a transposase of 351 amino acids, related to members of the REP family of replication proteins used by RC-plasmids of gram-positive bacteria. IS1294 transposes using rolling-circle replication, initiated at one end of the element, oriIS, and terminated at the other, terIS. oriIS and terIS are highly conserved among like IS elements. oriIS resembles the leading strand replication origins of RC-plasmids; terIS resembles a rho-independent transcription terminator. IS1294 mediates not only its own transposition, but also sequences adjacent to terIS. A transposition model for IS1294 and related elements, involving rolling-circle replication and single-strand DNA intermediates, is presented.

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