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J Cell Biochem. 2000 Jun 6;78(3):442-57.

Major DNA replication initiation sites in the c-myc locus in human cells.

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McGill Cancer Center, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


DNA replication initiation sites and initiation frequencies over 12. 5 kb of the human c-myc locus, including 4.6 kb of new 5' sequence, were determined based on short nascent DNA abundance measured by competitive polymerase chain reaction using 21 primer sets. In previous measurements, no comparative quantitation of nascent strand abundance was performed, and distinction of major from minor initiation sites was not feasible. Two major initiation sites were identified in this study. One predominant site has been located at approximately 0.5 kb upstream of exon 1 of the c-myc gene, and a second new major site is located in exon 2. The site in exon 2 has not been previously identified. In addition, there are other sites that may act as less frequently used initiation sites, some of which may correspond to sites in previous reports. Furthermore, a comparison of the abundance of DNA replication intermediates over this same region of the c-myc locus between HeLa and normal skin fibroblast (NSF) cells indicated that the relative distribution was very similar, but that nascent strand abundance in HeLa cells was approximately twice that in NSF relative to the abundance at the lamin B2 origin. This increased activity at initiation sites in the c-myc locus may mainly be influenced by regulators at higher levels in transformed cells like HeLa.

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