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J Cell Sci. 2000 Jul;113 ( Pt 13):2421-32.

Fission yeast Rng3p: an UCS-domain protein that mediates myosin II assembly during cytokinesis.

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  • 1Cell Division Laboratory, Institute of Molecular Agrobiology, The National University of Singapore, Singapore 117604, Republic of Singapore.


Cell division in many eukaryotes, including the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe, utilizes a contractile actomyosin ring. In S. pombe, the actomyosin ring is assembled at the medial cortex upon entry into mitosis and constricts at the end of anaphase to guide the centripetal deposition of the septum. Despite identification of several structural components essential for actomyosin ring assembly, the interdependencies between these gene-products in the process of ring assembly are unknown. This study investigates the role of Rng3p, a member of the UCS-domain containing protein family (Unc-45p, Cro1p, She4p), in actomyosin ring assembly. Null mutants in rng3 resemble deletion mutants in the type II myosin heavy chain (myo2) and rng3(ts) mutants show strong negative interactions with the myo2-E1 mutant, suggesting that Rng3p is involved in modulating aspects of type II myosin function. Interestingly, a green fluorescent protein (GFP) tagged Rng3p fusion is detected at the division site in the myo2-E1 mutant, but not in other myo2-alleles, wild-type cells or in 18 other cytokinesis mutants. Assembly and maintenance of Rng3p at the division site in the myo2-E1 mutant requires F-actin. Rng3p is also required for the proper assembly of Myo2p and F-actin into a functional actomyosin ring but is not necessary for their accumulation at the division site. We conclude that Rng3p is a novel component of the F-actin cytoskeleton essential for a late step in actomyosin ring assembly and that it might monitor some aspect of type II myosin assembly during actomyosin ring construction.

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