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Cancer Biother Radiopharm. 1998 Aug;13(4):255-68.

A new chemically modified chimeric TNT-3 monoclonal antibody directed against DNA for the radioimmunotherapy of solid tumors.

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Department of Pathology, University of Southern California School of Medicine, Los Angeles 90033, USA.


In the last several years, our laboratory has developed a new approach to the radioimmunotherapy of solid tumors, designated Tumor Necrosis Treatment (TNT), that exploits the presence of degenerating and necrotic cells within tumors by utilizing MAbs directed against universal, intracellular antigens. The first TNT MAb developed by our laboratory, designated TNT-1, was directed against nucleosomal determinants consisting of histone H1 and DNA. Since absolute tumor accretion of MAb is a critical determinant of antitumor efficacy in radioimmunotherapy, we sought to identify new antinuclear antibodies that displayed high tumor localization properties. In the present study, we describe a murine antinuclear antibody, TNT-3, which demonstrates 3-fold higher tumor uptake than TNT-1. Because of this characteristic, a chimeric derivative designated chTNT-3 was developed and evaluated for antigen binding and tumor targeting. ELISA studies using a series of nuclear antigens confirmed that TNT-3 is directed against single-stranded DNA and does not cross react with TNT-1. Immunohistology reveals predominantly nuclear staining reactivity in human tissues and tumors. Since it was shown by our laboratory that charge modification can significantly improve the pharmacokinetic performance of monoclonal antibodies, chTNT-3 was chemically modified with biotin to generate an improved therapeutic reagent designated chTNT-3/B. Comparative studies with unmodified MAb demonstrated that biotinylation significantly shortened its clearance time in mice and produced lower normal tissue levels, while maintaining an equal amount of uptake in tumor xenografts for up to 10 days. These in vivo characteristics suggest that chTNT-3/B is an improved TNT reagent for the radioimmunotherapy of solid tumors.

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