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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2000 Jun 7;272(2):386-90.

Arp2/3 complex-independent actin regulatory function of WAVE.

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Department of Biochemistry, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Japan.


We report that WAVE1/Scar1, a WASP-family protein that functions downstream of Rac in membrane ruffling, can induce part of the reorganization of the actin cytoskeleton without Arp2/3 complex. WAVE1 has been reported to associate and activate Arp2/3 complex at its C-terminal region that is rich in acidic residues. The deletion of the acidic residues abolished the interaction with and the activation ability of Arp2/3 complex. The expression of the mutant WAVE1 lacking the acidic residues (DeltaA), however, induced actin-clustering in cells as the wild-type WAVE1 did. In addition, this actin-clustering could not be suppressed by the coexpression of the Arp2/3 complex-sequestering fragment (CA-region) derived from N-WASP, which clearly inhibits Rac-induced membrane ruffling. This study therefore demonstrates that WAVE1 reorganizes the actin cytoskeleton not only through Arp2/3 complex but also through another unidentified mechanism that may be important but has been neglected thus far.

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