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J Bacteriol. 1979 Apr;138(1):193-200.

Influence of iron on yields of extracellular products in Pseudomonas aeruginosa cultures.


The effect of the iron content of the medium on the yields of extracellular products by seven distinct strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa was examined. All strains showed at least an 85% decrease in toxin A yields when grown in medium containing 5.0 mug of iron per ml (high iron) as compared to 0.05 mug/ml (low iron), whereas bacterial growth increased approximately twofold. During the course of examining extracellular products produced by P. aeruginosa, we found many strains that produced an extracellular factor which agglutinated erythrocytes. This hemagglutinin was nondialyzable, heat stable, and resistant to Pronase and trypsin. The effect of iron on extracellular yields of hemagglutinin was strain dependent; four of seven strains showed decreases in hemagglutinin yields in high-iron medium. Similarly, the effect of increasing the iron concentration of the growth medium on yields of total extracellular proteases or on elastase was strain dependent. The amount of total extracellular protein was decreased by at least 31% in the high-iron medium for all strains of P. aeruginosa examined. Detailed studies on one strain (WR-9) showed that, in the presence of increasing amounts of iron in the medium, the extracellular yields of toxin A, protease, and hemagglutinin were decreased in a similar manner. In addition, the kinetics of release of these extracellular products were similar at a given iron concentration. Thus it appears that the yields of other extracellular products of P. aeruginosa besides toxin A are influenced by the concentration of iron in the growth medium.

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