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Usp Fiziol Nauk. 2000 Apr-Jun;31(2):51-78.

[Mechanoelectrical feedback in the healthy heart and in the heart with pathologies].

[Article in Russian]

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Russian State Medical University.


The article discusses the issues of possible connection between mechanical phenomena in myocardium and the electrical processes. Not only cardiomyocytes, but also cardiac fibroplastic are considered as substratum for the mechanisms of mechano-electrical feedbacks. Cardiomyocytes and fibroplastic of healthy animals demonstrate the mechano-electrical feedbacks, which essentially mean that stretching of the cardiac tissue within the physiological limits to 2 mN changes the electrophysiological cell processes. Close to 90% repolarization potential of cardiomyocytes action the mechano-induced depolarization develops; over the background of depolarization, when it reaches the threshold values, extra potentials of action are generated. In fibroplastic, membrane mechano-induced hyperpolarization develops; as result of cellular interaction it may develop hyperpolarization of pacemaking cells of the right auricle and slow the cardiac rythm down. In case of a pathology, for instance, infarct of the left heart ventricle modification of electric cell activity was detected at quite low values of tissue stretching up to 0.2. mN. Mechano-induced depolarization of cardiomyocytes of animals affected by infarct develops at 50% level of repolarization phase of action potential, or at 90% of repolarization phase. In the former case development of mechano-induced depolarization coincides with the period of absolute cell refractering. Extra action potential develops immediately after the refractering phase when the mechano-induced depolarization shifts the membrane potential towards threshold values. In the latter case the mechano-induced depolarization transforms into extra action potential. With further stretching fibrillation develops. In fibroplastic the values of mechano-induced membrane hyperpolarization grow with greater scope of infarct damage. Magnitude of mechano-induced hyperpolarization of auricle fibroplastic taken from the animals with infarcts shows dependence on the period of remodelling if stretching is tissue is a standard parameter. With prolongation of the remodelling period the value of mechano-induced fibroplastic hyperpolarization diminishes. The problem of developing the combinations eliminating mechano-induced cardiac arrhythmia is raised.

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