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Peptides. 2000 Apr;21(4):463-8.

Induction of high level of specific antibody response to the neutralizing epitope ELDKWA on HIV-1 gp41 by peptide-vaccine.

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Laboratory of Immunology, Research Centre of Medical Science and the School of Life Science and Engineering, Tsinghua University, 100084, Beijing, Peoples Republic of China.


The monoclonal antibody 2F5 recognizing the neutralizing epitope ELDKWA on the C-domain could neutralize 90% of the investigated HIV-1 isolates. Low levels of ELDKWA-epitope-specific antibodies were observed in HIV-1-infected individuals. To induce high levels of antibodies to ELDKW-epitope, C-domain peptide (P2) was conjugated with a carrier peptide (KGGG)(7)-K (K/G). P2-K/G-conjugate induced high level of antibodies in mice by titer 1:25,600 to ELDKWA-epitope. P2-K/G-BSA-conjugate induced antibody response to ELDKWA-epitope (1:320-6400) in mice. The ELDKWA-epitope-specific antibodies of 19.8 and 34.6 microg/per milliliter serum were isolated from two rabbit antiserums (1:25,600). The levels of ELDKWA-epitope-specific antibodies induced in rabbits were greater than 1 microg/ml, a level considered to confer long-term protection. These results demonstrate the potential role of the C-domain peptide of gp41 to develop an effective ELDKWA-based epitope/peptide-vaccine against HIV-1.

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