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Cell Biochem Funct. 2000 Jun;18(2):109-15.

Effects of antioxidant vitamins A, C, E and trace elements Cu, Se on CuZn SOD, GSH-Px, CAT and LPO levels in chicken erythrocytes.

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University of Celal Bayar, Department of Chemistry, Muradiye, Manisa, Türkiye.


The biologically damaging effects of reactive oxygen species are controlled in vivo by a wide spectrum of antioxidant defence mechanisms. Dietary constituents of antioxidant vitamins and trace elements may play an important role in protecting against oxidant damage. The effects of supplementation of vitamins A, C, E and trace elements Cu and Se on the activities of antioxidant enzymes and lipid peroxide levels in chicken erythrocytes were investigated depend on the time. CuZnSOD activity and plasma Cu levels in the Cu group were increased by 39 and 37 per cent respectively. CuZnSOD activity in vitamin C groups was also increased by 20 per cent. The GSH-Px activity in Se, Se+E and Se+Cu groups was raised by 35, 46 and 69 per cent respectively. Also, the GSH-Px activity in the vitamin C group was increased by 33 per cent. Catalase activity in all of these groups was not significantly different when compared with controls (p<0.01). The maximum decrease in LPO levels of 42 per cent was obtained for the Se+E group.

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