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Brain Res. 2000 May 19;865(1):77-84.

Spatial learning-induced increase in the argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region of dorsolateral telencephalic neurons in goldfish.

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Laboratorio de Psicobiolog¿ia, Universidad de Sevilla, Avda. San Francisco Javier, s/n, 41005-Sevilla, Spain.


Spatial learning and memory related morphological changes in the argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region (AgNOR) of telencephalic neurons in goldfish were quantitatively evaluated by means of AgNOR neurohistochemical stain. The AgNORs and nuclei of nerve cells of two different telencephalic regions of goldfish trained in a spatial task or submitted to a similar non-contingent behavioral procedure (control group) were morphometrically evaluated. Results show that the area of AgNORs in goldfish dorsolateral telencephalic neurons increased significantly in the spatial learning group but not in control group. This effect seems to be highly specific as it did not appear in the dorsolateral area of the control group neither in the dorsomedial area of both groups. As the size of AgNORs in the nerve cell nuclei reflect the level of transcriptive activity, these morphological changes could be revealing increased protein synthesis in goldfish dorsolateral telencephalic neurons related with learning and memory. These findings could contribute to determining the subregions of the teleost telencephalon implicated in spatial learning and could indicate that the AgNOR staining technique would be a useful tool in assesing learning and memory related neuronal activity.

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