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Glycobiology. 2000 Jun;10(6):595-9.

Minimal catalytic domain of N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V.

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GlycoDesign Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


UDP-GlcNAc: Manalpha1-6Manbeta-R beta1-6 N-acetylglucosaminyltransferase V (EC, GlcNAc-TV) is a Golgi enzyme that substitutes the trimannosyl core in the biosynthetic pathway for complex-type N-linked glycans. GlcNAc-TV activity is regulated by oncogenes frequently activated in cancer cells ( ras, src, and her2/neu ) and by activators of T lymphocytes. Overexpression of GlcNAc-TV in epithelial cells results in morphological transformation, while tumor cell mutants selected for loss of GlcNAc-TV products show diminished malignant potential in mice. In this report, we have expressed and characterized a series of N- and C-terminal deletions of GlcNAc-TV. Portions of GlcNAc-TV sequence were fused at the N-terminal domain to IgG-binding domains of staphylococcal Protein A and expressed in CHOP cells. The secreted fusion proteins were purified by IgG Sepharose affinity chromatography and assayed for enzyme activities. The peptide sequence S(213-740)of GlcNAc-TV was determined to be essential for the catalytic activity, the remaining amino acids comprising a 183 amino acid stem region, a 17 amino acid transmembrane domain and a 12 amino acid cytosolic moiety. Further deletion of 5 amino acids to produce peptide R(218-740)reduced enzyme activity by 20-fold. Similar K(m)and V(max)values for donor and acceptor were observed for peptide S(213-740), the minimal catalytic domain, and peptide Q(39-740), which also included the stem region. Truncation of five amino acids from the C-terminus also resulted in a 20-fold loss of catalytic activity. Secondary structure predictions suggest a high frequency of turns in the stem region, and more contiguous stretches of alpha-helix found in the catalytic domain.

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