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Org Lett. 2000 Mar 9;2(5):573-6.

Stereochemistry of the cyclization-rearrangement of (+)-copalyl diphosphate to (-)-abietadiene catalyzed by recombinant abietadiene synthase from Abies grandis.

Author information

Department of Chemistry, University of Illinois, Urbana 61801, USA.


[reaction: see text] Syntheses and enzymatic cyclizations of 8alpha-hydroxy-17-nor copalyl diphosphate (8a), (15R)-[15-2H1] 8b, and (15R,17E)-[15-3H1,17-2H1] copalyl diphosphate ([2H,3H] 2) catalyzed by recombinant abietadiene synthase (rAS) gave 17-nor manoyl oxide (9a), (16E)-[16-2H1] 9b, and (15S,16R)-[16-2H1,16-3H1] abietadiene ([2H1,3H1] 4), respectively. These and other results indicate that conversion of CPP (2) to abietadiene (4) occurs by anti S(N)' cyclization to a sandaracopimar-15-en-8-yl carbocation intermediate (13+, 13beta-methyl) followed by hydrogen transfer and methyl migration suprafacially on the si face of the vinyl group.

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