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Genome. 2000 Apr;43(2):382-90.

Sequence conservation and expression of the sex-lethal homologue in the fly Megaselia scalaris.

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Institut für Biologie, Medizinische Universität Lübeck, Germany.


Sex-lethal (Sxl) is Drosophila melanogaster's key regulating gene in the sex-determining cascade. Its homologue in Megaselia scalaris, the chromosome 3 gene Megsxl, codes for a protein with an overall similarity of 77% with the corresponding D. melanogaster sequence. Expression in M. scalaris, however, is very unlike that in D. melanogaster. Megsxl transcripts with a long ORF occur in both sexes. Differential splicing is conserved but not sex-specific. There are several splice variants, among them one is common to gonads and somatic tissues of all developmental stages investigated, one is specific for ovaries and embryos, and a third one is not found in ovaries. In the ovary, Megsxl is heavily transcribed in nurse cells and transported into eggs. These results suggest a non-sex-determining function during early embryogenesis; the presence of Megsxl RNA in testes and somatic tissues calls for other (or more) functions.

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