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Chemosphere. 2000 Jun;40(12):1389-97.

A chemostat system for investigating pesticide biodegradation in continuous mixed bacteria cultures originating from surface water.

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Institute for Inland Water Management and Waste Water Treatment (RIZA), Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Lelystad, The Netherlands.


To be able to predict the degradation (rate) of organic chemicals (e.g. pesticides) in the field, knowledge of the environmental conditions that are of influence on the degradation process are of importance. In the present study an experimental system is described which is used to study the degradation of organic pollutants in mixed bacteria cultures originating from surface water With this system the degradation of compounds can be followed for relatively long experimental periods (months). In addition, it is possible to vary different environmental parameters in order to investigate their influences on the degradation of the chemical. These preliminary experiments show that growth and 'composition' of the bacteria culture have comparable patterns in parallel experiments. The first order degradation rate constant for the test compound dichloran, as calculated from these experiments under these circumstances, is about 0.002 h(-1).

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