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Theriogenology. 1998 Oct 1;50(5):793-806.

A procedure for Poitou jackass sperm cryopreservation.

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Laboratoire de Pathologie de la Reproduction Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Nantes, France.


We have tried to establish sperm banking for the endangered Poitou donkeys. No successful cryopreservation technique had been described for spermatozoa of this species; our preliminary work indicated that a particular medium and procedure may be effective for cryopreservation of Poitou jackass spermatozoa as evaluated by sperm motility, membrane integrity and pregnancy rate after AI with frozen-thawed semen. We found that glutamine at 80 mM and 10% (v/v) quail egg yolk in a basal medium containing 4% (v/v) glycerol (T2-94 medium) improved the post-thaw total and progressive motility and velocity assessed with the automated analyzer ATS-M. The T2-94 medium also preserved the sperm nuclear, acrosom, and plasma membrane integrity as assessed with the acridine orange method, fluorescein-conjugated Pisum sativum agglutinin (FITC-PSA) lectin procedure, and hypo-osmotic swelling test, respectively. Semen frozen-thawed in T2-94 medium as used to artificially inseminate. 13 Poitou jennies from the beginning of estrus to ovulation during 4 cycles at a rate of one AI per day. Heigh pregnancies and 3 foals were obtained, but only when the glycerol was removed from sperm before AI. We conclude that the cryopreservation of Poitou jackass semen for sperm banking may succeed by using the T2-94 medium and removing the glycerol post-thaw, but before AI.

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