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Lett Appl Microbiol. 2000 Jan;30(1):42-6.

Triton X-114 phase partitioning for the isolation of a pediocin-like bacteriocin from Carnobacterium divergens.

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I. NRA, Laboratoire de Biochimie et Technologie des Protéines, Nantes, France.


A new procedure combining Triton X-114 phase partitioning and cation exchange chromatography was developed to purify a bacteriocin from a complex culture medium. This pediocin-like bacteriocin, secreted by Carnobacterium divergens and named divercin V41, was entirely recovered in the lower detergent-rich phase whereas all other substances (compounds from culture medium, bacterial metabolites) remained in the upper detergent-poor phase. Subsequent cation-exchange chromatography of the TX-114-rich phase allowed recovery of the pure active bacteriocin and also detergent removing. This new purification method is versatile, fast (only two steps) and can be carried out on whole broth.

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