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Acta Biol Med Ger. 1976;35(6):813-7.

On the behaviour of murine lymphocytes after in vitro treatment with acid mucoproteins from human serum.


Seromucoproteins from human serum were isolated by perchloric acid extraction followed by DEAE-Sephadex A-50 ion exchange chromatography. The in vitro pretreatment of spleen leukocytes with this fraction caused a dose-dependent inhibition of graft-versus-host reaction as well as an increase of their electrophoretic mobility, the viability being maintained. On contrary, the pretreatment of mice (prospective spleen cell donors of recipients of sheep red blood cells) with human seromucoproteins had no effect on the gvh-reaction as well as on the agglutinin formation to sheep red blood cells under the given conditions. It is supposed that the suppressive effect after in vitro pretreatment may be attributed to a coating effect of seromucoproteins. The fact that spleen cells pretreated in vitro with seromucoproteins are lysed in presence of complement and antiseromucoprotein antiserum supports our opinion. These findings as well as data from the literature support the hypothesis that local concentrated mucoproteins in the skin graft bed in cases of protractedly surviving skin grafts, in the placenta, and on neoplastic tissues can influence unspecifically the immune response. We hope that the understanding of this mechanism may open new possibilities in prolonging allograft survival time.

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