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Mech Dev. 2000 Mar 1;91(1-2):361-4.

Expression of sprouty2 during early development of the chick embryo is coincident with known sites of FGF signalling.

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MRC Brain Development Programme, Centre for Developmental Biology, King's College London, New Hunt's House, Guy's Campus, London, UK.


The Drosophila sprouty protein is a recently-identified intracellular modulator of FGF and EGF receptor tyrosine kinase activity which antagonises ras/MAP kinase signalling. In a differential display analysis to identify genes involved in patterning the mid/hindbrain region of the chick neural tube, we have identified a sprouty orthologue, sprouty2. Here we report expression of sprouty2 transcripts in the developing chick embryo. We find a close correlation with known sites of FGF activity but little correlation with expression patterns of members of the EGF family. Initially, transcripts are associated with the primitive streak. During the period of neural tube patterning expression is detected in the anterior neuropore, in the isthmic region and in neural plate and posterior spinal cord. Transcripts are also detected in the otic placode, tail bud, mesoderm of the branchial arches, somitic myotome, retina, limb buds and gut mesenchyme; all known sites of FGF action.

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