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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2000 Mar 5;269(1):117-23.

Chemotaxis of a Ralstonia sp. SJ98 toward different nitroaromatic compounds and their degradation.

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Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory, Institute of Microbial Technology, Sector-39A, Chandigarh, 160036, India.


A Ralstonia sp. SJ98, isolated by a chemotactic enrichment technique, was capable of utilizing different nitroaromatic compounds (NACs). It utilized p-nitrophenol, 4-nitrocatechol, o-nitrobenzoic acid, and p-nitrobenzoic acid as the sole source of carbon and energy. It was observed that Ralstonia sp. SJ98 was chemotactic to the above-mentioned NACs as tested by the drop assay, swarm plate assay, and capillary assay. However, it failed to show chemotactic behavior toward those compounds which were not degraded by the microorganism. This is the first report which shows the chemotaxis of a microorganism toward different NACs and their subsequent degradation. Some of the intermediates of the NACs' degradative pathways have been identified using TLC, GC, and GC-MS studies. The results presented here indicate a correlation between chemotaxis and biodegradation of NACs.

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