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Neuroscience. 2000;96(1):221-30.

Neural mechanisms of impaired micturition reflex in rats with acute partial bladder outlet obstruction.

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Departments of Clinical Research and Physiology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Jen-Ai Rd, Taipei, Taiwan.


To determine the contribution of neural elements to micturition, we evaluated, in intact rats, the cystometrogram, pelvic afferent nervous activity, pelvic efferent nervous activity and external urethral sphincter-electromyogram activity in the normal and acute partial bladder outlet obstruction states. In the normal state, in response to saline filling, mechanoreceptor-dependent pelvic afferent nervous activity gradually activated and finally triggered a voiding reflex, including four phases of detrusor contractions. Phase 1 was characterized by an initial rising intravesical pressure, Phase 2 was characterized by a series of high-frequency oscillations in intravesical pressure, Phase 3 contraction was characterized by a rebound intravesical pressure and Phase 4 contraction was characterized by a rapid fall in intravesical pressure. In the acute partial bladder outlet obstruction state, Phase 1 contraction rose and high-frequency oscillations fell in Phase 2. This voiding dysfunction is ascribed to the bursting extraurethral sphincter activity being converted to tonic extraurethral sphincter activity. In summary, the suppressed high-frequency oscillations in Phase 2 of the detrusor muscle contraction could be detrimental to efficient voidings in the acute partial bladder outlet obstructed rat.

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