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Curr Opin Microbiol. 2000 Feb;3(1):43-8.

Genetic susceptibility to intracellular infections: Nramp1, macrophage function and divalent cations transport.

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Department of Biochemistry, McGill University, Montreal, H3G 1Y6, Canada.


Nramp1 is one of the few host resistance genes that have been characterized at the molecular level. Nramp1 is an integral membrane protein expressed in the lysosomal compartment of macrophages and is recruited to the membrane of bacterial phagosomes where it affects intracellular microbial replication. Nramp1 is part of a very large gene family conserved from bacteria and man that codes for transporters of divalent cations transporters. We propose that Nramp1 affects the intraphagosomal microbial replication by modulating divalent cations content in this organelle. Both mammalian and bacterial transporters may compete for the same substrate in the phagosomal space.

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