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Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 1999 Dec;53(1):69-74.

Isolation and characterisation of a ropy Lactobacillus strain producing the exopolysaccharide kefiran.

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Department of Chemistry, University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy.


A capsular-polysaccharide-producing strain, LM-17, was isolated from kefir grains and was identified as a slime-forming, rod-shaped Lactobacillus. According to 1H- and 13C-NMR spectral data, the exopolysaccharide produced by the isolated bacterial strain is identical to the glucogalactan extracted from kefir grains and therefore known as kefiran. The kefiran produced was characterised by means of viscosity, optical rotatory power, circular dichroism and IR spectral measurements. A batch procedure was set up for the culture and extraction of the exopolysaccharide in laboratory conditions, resulting in a yield of 2 g/l purified kefiran from the culture supernatant of the LM-17 strain.

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