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FEBS Lett. 1999 Dec 3;462(3):425-9.

Spatial and temporal regulation of protein expression by bldA within a Streptomyces lividans colony.

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Project Research Center, Mitsubishikasei Institute of Life Sciences, Machida, Tokyo, Japan.


The bldA gene encodes the only tRNA for the UUA codon that, although dispensable in genes important for primary vegetative growth of Streptomyces spp., is important in genes that serve a regulatory purpose in the differentiation. To investigate this role further, the spatial and temporal expression profiles of the bldA-regulated and unregulated genes within a Streptomyces colony were examined using modified genes for the green fluorescent protein (gfp) as an expression-tag. A comparative study, based on computer-assisted quantitative analysis of the GFP fluorescence, revealed that the presence of TTA codons in gfp results in a temporal delay of translation and, consequently, changed the spatial pattern of the GFP expression within a colony, especially during early differentiation. The delay of GFP expression was undetectable at 60 h post-inoculation. These results provide the first extensive evidence that the bldA does indeed play a significant regulatory role during colony differentiation.

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