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J Neurosurg. 2000 Jan;92(1):14-23.

Endoscopic management of cysticercal cysts within the lateral and third ventricles.

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Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Division of Neurosurgery, University of California, Los Angeles 90095-7039, USA.



In this report the authors review their 3-year experience with the endoscopic management of patients with hydrocephalus who harbored cysticercal cysts within the third and lateral ventricles. The management plan was to utilize an endoscopic approach to remove the cysts and to incorporate techniques useful in treating obstructive hydrocephalus. The ultimate goals were to avoid having to place a complication-prone cerebrospinal fluid shunt and to eliminate the risk of complications related to cyst degeneration.


A retrospective analysis of 10 patients with hydrocephalus and cysticercal cysts within the third or lateral ventricles who were endoscopically managed was performed. A general description of the instrumentation and technique used for removal of the intraventricular cysts is given. At presentation, neuroimaging revealed findings suggestive of obstructive hydrocephalus in eight patients. Seven of the 10 patients treated endoscopically were spared the necessity of shunt placement. Three successful third ventriculostomies and one therapeutic septum pellucidotomy were performed. Despite frequent rupture of the cyst walls during removal of the cysts, there were no cases of ventriculitis. The endoscopic approach allowed successful removal of a cyst situated in the roof of the anterior third ventricle. One patient suffered from recurrent shunt obstructions secondary to a shunt-induced migration of cysts from the posterior fossa to the lateral ventricles.


The endoscopic removal of third and lateral ventricle cysticercal cysts, combined with a third ventriculostomy or septum pellucidotomy in selected cases, is an effective treatment in patients with hydrocephalus and should be considered the primary treatment for this condition.

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