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J Neurosurg. 1979 Apr;50(4):423-32.

Detailed monitoring of the effects of mannitol following experimental head injury.


The experimental model of a cerebral missile injury developed by Crockard was used in three groups of Rhesus monkeys treated with mannitol. One group received mannitol 15 minutes after being injured with a BB pellet at 90 m/sec impact. Another group was wounded identically, but mannitol treatment was delayed until 1 hour after injury. The last group was wounded with the missile traveling at 180 m/sec, and mannitol was started 15 minutes after trauma. The data were contrasted with the results from the original model. After receiving mannitol, all groups showed marked improvement in mean blood pressure, cerebral perfusion pressure, cerebral blood flow, and cerebral metabolic rate of oxygen consumption out of proportion to the degree of reduction in intracranial pressure (ICP). The authors conclude that the therapeutic value of mannitol may, in some injuries, be directly related to its effects on blood flow and metabolism, as well as to its better known effects upon ICP.

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