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J Food Prot. 1999 Dec;62(12):1394-403.

Inhibition of Listeria monocytogenes by in situ produced and semipurified bacteriocins of Carnobacterium spp. on vacuum-packed, refrigerated cold-smoked salmon.

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ENITIAA, Laboratoire de Microbiologie, Nantes, France.


Listeria monocytogenes inhibition by Carnobacterium strains and crude bacteriocins on sterile and commercial vacuum-packed cold-smoked salmon stored at 4 degrees C and 8 degrees C was investigated. Carnobacterium piscicola V1 was bactericidal against L. monocytogenes at the two temperatures, whereas Carnobacterium divergens V41 presented a bacteriostatic effect. C. piscicola SF668 delayed L. monocytogenes growth at 8 degrees C and had a bacteriostatic effect at 4 degrees C. Listeria growth was not affected by a non-bacteriocin-producing C. piscicola. Crude extracts of piscicocins were bactericidal at 4 degrees C and 8 degrees C. Listeria growth was delayed by divercin V41 at 8 degrees C and was inhibited at 4 degrees C. Nisin delayed Listeria growth at 8 degrees C and was bacteriostatic at 4 degrees C. The present study demonstrates that L. monocytogenes growth could be prevented on vacuum-packed cold-smoked salmon by Carnobacterium and associated bacteriocins at chilled temperatures. Moreover, no product spoilage could be observed with the use of such bacteriocin-producing strains as demonstrated by good sensorial analyses and low biogenic amine production.

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