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Mol Endocrinol. 1999 Dec;13(12):2013-24.

Caveolin-1 interacts with the insulin receptor and can differentially modulate insulin signaling in transfected Cos-7 cells and rat adipose cells.

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Hypertension-Endocrine Branch, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland 20892, USA.


Caveolae may function as microdomains for signaling that help to determine specific biological actions mediated by the insulin receptor (IR). Caveolin-1, a major component of caveolae, contains a scaffolding domain (SD) that binds to a caveolin-1 binding motif in the kinase domain of the IR in vitro. To investigate the potential role of caveolin-1 in insulin signaling we overexpressed wild-type (Cav-WT) or mutant (Cav-Mut; F92A/V94A in SD) caveolin-1 in either Cos-7 cells cotransfected with IR or rat adipose cells (low and high levels of endogenous caveolin-1, respectively). Cav-WT coimmunoprecipitated with the IR to a much greater extent than Cav-Mut, suggesting that the SD is important for interactions between caveolin-1 and the IR in intact cells. We also constructed several IR mutants with a disrupted caveolin-1 binding motif and found that these mutants were poorly expressed and did not undergo autophosphorylation. Interestingly, overexpression of Cav-WT in Cos-7 cells significantly enhanced insulin-stimulated phosphorylation of Elk-1 (a mitogen-activated protein kinase-dependent pathway) while overexpression of Cav-Mut was without effect. In contrast, in adipose cells, overexpression of either Cav-WT or Cav-Mut did not affect insulin-stimulated phosphorylation of a cotransfected ERK2 (but did significantly inhibit basal phosphorylation of ERK2). Furthermore, we also observed a small inhibition of insulin-stimulated translocation of GLUT4 when either Cav-WT or Cav-Mut was overexpressed in adipose cells. Thus, interaction of caveolin-1 with IRs may differentially modulate insulin signaling to enhance insulin action in Cos-7 cells but inhibit insulin's effects in adipose cells.

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